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Vibrating Screen

Vibration motors installed on the equipment which work in simultaneously and reverse rotation. The screen box supported by the four springs produce reciprocating linear motion under the vibration force generated by the motors. When the the vertical component of the vibration acceleration N is greater than acceleration due to gravity g, material in the tank was thrown up, press forward to jump along parabolic path. Each vibration of the tank, the material would be thrown up once. In the process of encounter with the screen, the material which is smaller than screen mesh can go through it, so as to achieve classification purpose. Linear Vibrating Screen/Rectangular Separator is a kind of multi-layer sieving equipment, which can be matched corresponding material of mesh according to the customer's requirements to sieving variety of materials at one time. The operation is easy &convenient, replacement of screen process is simple .This equipment has wide range of application, mainly used in chemical industry, metallurgy, building materials, food, chemical industries, abrasive of granular, powder aterials selection and classification.