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With fast manufacturing of prototypes and small series, we offer you the possibility to shorten your development process. We can confidently provide the complete solution for all your prototyping needs. We can help find a solution to get your parts from development stage through to production in the quickest most efficient way whilst still to the highest quality. The precision casting process is suitable for the productio


Alloys & Metal Casting

Manufacturer Of Machined And Unmachined Carbon Steel Casting, Alloy Steel Casting, Stainless Steel Casting, Gun Metal, Bronze, Aluminum & Alloys Casting, as per Customer Drawing And Specifications , The company has the full capability with sufficient support and infrastructure to manufacture new products as per the needs of customer. In addition to mainstream products the company has an in-built infrastructure to undertake development of products for engineering applicability with forging, casting, die casting based ferrous and non-ferrous materials,& other engineering items. We are offering following products as per customer drawing & specification.


  • Pump Parts - Casing ,impellers, housings, phosphorus bronze bushes, gunmetal bush Casting etc.

  • Alloy Castings- All types of machine parts

  • Turbin Parts- Casing, fix blades , movables blades, brackets, etc.

  • Engineering Parts- Assembly & sub assembly parts, bronze bushes, gunmetal bush etc.

  • Power Plants Equipments - All type of valves as per customer design.

  • Tool Room - Casted dies by thermocol patterns


Turbine Parts & Spares

Steam turbine and refurbishment activities We are engaged steam turbine manufacturing & refurbishment activities. These Turbine Spare Parts are manufactured using high quality raw material. Clients can avail these Turbine Spare Parts at very economical price.


The following activities taken by us:

  • Moving blades & fixed blades

  • Nozzles & diaphragms

  • White metal bearings

  • Machining of large rotors

  • Labyrinth

  • Manufacturer of new bearings as per sample and drawing.


Customized Engineering Products

New product developments The company has the full capability with sufficient support and infrastructure to manufacture new products as per the needs of customer. In addition to mainstream products the company has an in-built infrastructure to undertake development of products for engineering applicability with forging, casting, die casting based ferrous and non-ferrous materials,& other engineering items. we also produce a wide range of finished products for a wide variety of customers.


Following are customized engineering products

  1. Pump parts (casing,cover,impellar,impellar shafts per design)

  2. Impellers & blades

  3. Turbine parts (fix blades, runner blade,casings etc.)

  4. Any type of rubber seal & gasket for valve as per design.

  5. Any material cast product with machining as per drawing.

  6. Assembly or sub assembly components.

  7. Different types of tailor made items like,Vessels,mixers,Blenders,Storage

  8. Prototype products (metal, plastic, & rubber)



We offer a range of steam turbine drivers, engineered to meet specific requirements to the industry. Combining engineering expertise, rugged designs and precision manufacturing, SEI steam turbines are built to perform and endure years of continuous service. These powerful workhorses provide exceptional value and performance in a broad range of processing, mechanical and power generation applications, our range covers from 30 k

Patterns Making For Metal Casting

We are manufacturer of Patterns made out of wood, Aluminum, Thermo coal, resin & metallic etc. for intricate cast components that weight 100 gms to 25 tons each. We have well equipped pattern shop in about 450 sq mts built-up area employing over 25 skilled workers guided by a team of highly experienced supervisors and staff members who have adequate technical and managerial expertise in the trade. We perform pattern/corebox design and construction, gating and risering, alterations to existing tooling, and castability enhancements. Foundry tooling consists of patterns, coreboxes, models and all the rigging that makes a complete job ready to run in a foundry. We are offers following types of patterns


  1. Wooden, Aluminum, Metal Patterns. We have heavy-duty woodworking equipment and highly experienced patternmakers to make any type of wood pattern, corebox, or model that can be designed. We can make pattern by using seasonable Teak Wood and various grade Aluminum. We are approved vender for supply wooden ,aluminum pattern to BHEL & big size Teak Wooden Patterns for all types of industries.

  2. Wooden Aluminum pattern by using CAD/CAM technology, we are offering wooden, aluminum pattern by the using Modern computer numerical control (CNC) machine tools are employed to make fully machined tooling for very critical and precision products like turbine parts , runner blades, pump impellers , pump casing. We are approved vender for supply thermocol pattern to MARUTI SUZUKI India LTD. Big size tools Patterns for all types of auto mobile tooling industries & machine tools industries.

  3. Reverse Engineering - A growing number of clients are taking advantage of our full range of reverse engineering expertise which extends much further than simply the production of the pattern to include the actual casting, machining and shipping. The turnkey solution has also proved to be extremely attractive to clients in the prototype stage and by working closely together from the initial stage of design, our experts are able to save cost, avoid over engineering and ultimately reducing lead time from prototype to production.


Engineering & Industrial Fabrication

We have the capabilities to produce fabrications for any type of industry including all standard types of finish including painting, galvanizing, plating and plastic coating. We fully understand that the cost and 'fit for purpose' of all products is vitally important to any customer, and our experienced team produces work that ensures any customers satisfaction. we are dedicated to production of stainless steel pipe work, stainless steel furnace and general stainless steel fabrications all to the highest possible quality, at a competitive price and delivered on time, every time! We understand that in order to succeed we have to provide a complete one stop service from engineering and design by our experienced and qualified CAD drawing office, to installation by our highly trained installation team. We have the following capabilities:


  • Project Management

  • Our welders are capable of welding carbon steel, various alloys of stainless steel and aluminum

  • Full Service Drafting, including Structural Steel Detailing, Field Engineering and "Reverse" Engineering

  • Certified Welding Operations

  • Sand Blasting Facilities

  • Painting and Priming Facilities


Precision Vices

With our rich industry experience, we provide our customers with a wide range of Precision Vices. Our range includes 2-Way Precision Tilt & Swivel Angle Vice, 3 Way Universal Tilt & Swivel Angle Vice, Milling machine Vice , Angal lock precision machine vice, Precision sin vice (screw and pin type), Griding vice (screw pin & type), 2 PC Machine Vice and may more. Offered at market leading prices, these products are widely demanded in the domstic and global market.



Clamping Elements & Clamping Devices

We handle different activities such as Designing, Engineering & Manufacturing of Clamping devices & elements They are made of carbon steel forged material to be used for manufacturing of devices & elements to provide maximum rigidity & strength. Tool room accessories are manufactured from high carbon alloy steel & heat treated to provide long life accuracy Applications


  • Power Press
  • Injection Moulding Machine
  • P D C Machine
  • Forging Press
  • Cnc Machines
  • Convensal Machine
  • Milling Machines

Tool Room Accessories

We are offering best quality of Tool room accessories. They are manufactured from high carbon alloy steel & heat treated to provide long life accuracy.



Die and Mould Springs And Accessories

We are offering best quality of die and moulde springs as per (equivalent to ISO 10234 & JIS B 5012) for press tools & moulds. Whats Is Spring A spring is an elastic member which store energy and provides a force over a distance by elastic compression. Spring have ability to withstand relatively large compressions elastically. Today springs find tremendous applications in engineering and other areas, which makes wide variety of springs both in size and shapes. Springs are mainly used for following functions.


  1. ] To cushion, absorb or springs or control the energy either due to shock or vibration as in railway wagons, automobiles, shock absorbers, press tools etc.
  2. ] To exert a force as in spring loaded safety valve, clutches etc.
  3. ]To support moving masses or to isolate vibrations.
  4. ] To store energy, - that way spring find use in clocks, toys, machines etc.

Springs are classified according to their shapes and type of stress they have to withstand. Following are main types of springs,

  1. ] Compression Springs.
  • ] Tension Springs.
  • ] Spiral Spring.
  • ] Disc Spring.
  • ] Spring rings and bars

  • In this catalogue we are mainly provided details of compression springs used for following applications.

    1. ] Press tool dies for sheet metal working.
    2. ] Moulds for plastic injection moulding.
    3. ] Jigs, Fixtures and machine tools


    Precision Tools & Component (tool room services)

    We are engaged in offering tool room services in various industries. In this endeavor, we are assisted by our professionals who have in depth process knowledge. Working closely with customers we facilitate the transition from virtual CAD models or 2D drawings into fully tooled process friendly, products. This can be for prototypes or full production intent, in a wide range of markets and processes.


    1. Reduced tooling costs
    2. Shorter lead times
    3. Improved stock turn
    4. Quicker response rates
    5. Improved customer service and product quality

    We are specialist in precision stainless steel (S.S) component up to 1200mm in length, 500mm in width & 6mm in thickness. Designers & Manufacturers of following SPM tools

    • Precision Sheet Matal Component Or Press Tool
    • Pannel Chaker , Inspection Templates & Gaug
    • Material Handling Equpments
    • Rubber & Plastic Moulds
    • Low Cost Automatio
    • Jig & Fixtures For Machining,Inspection ,Sub Assembly & Assembly.
    • Specialist In Welding Fixtures For Precision Component Including
      Stainless Steel.


    Gimbal Ring

    we are manufacturing & supplying for boat gimbal ring and gimbal ring assemble.gimbal ring is the use in transmission unit of boat. we are also manufacturing as per client drawing specification or sample using variety of superior material.For more information kindly mail us at ;-